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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Man of Weath and Taste

I thought I’d introduce myself.  My name is Tim.  I was born and raised in Minnesota.  I have an older sister and a younger sister.  I'm the son of a hard-working single mom and a half-mad missionary.  I grew up in a wee village of just 306 people.  After high school, I went to college in Mankato, Minnesota.  I started out majoring in Theater, but then switched to Philosophy, then Law Enforcement, then Psychology.  

In 1998, I dropped out of college to pursue my dream of living in California.  This was a mistake.  I took a bar-tending course but my job-seeking skills were so abysmal I never found a job.  Then I learned how hard it can be to get a job and make a living as a college drop out in San Diego.  I managed to find a job waiting tables, which I got fired from.  I did telemarketing for a while.  I was homeless for a month, during which I stayed in a couple of cheap motels.  Eventually I found an apartment and a new job at a deli.  

In the fall of 1999, around the time of my 22nd birthday, I joined the Army as a medic.  I did my basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia, my medical training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and served my first 2 years and 4 months at Fort Polk, Louisiana before going to Korea for my last year and three months.  When I got out, I went back to college and took up Psychology again before deciding I idn't want to be in college as long as it took to make it in Psychology, so I switched to Therapeutic Recreation in which I eventually got my degree.  

While I was in college, I heard about the idea of teaching English abroad and loved it.  I got myself a job in Japan with the biggest tutoring academy chain in the country.  Two months later, they went bankrupt.  Five thousand teachers lost their jobs overnight, making it virtually impossible to find another job in Japan.  Some of my friends started applying to Korea so I did, too.  My phone rang every 10 minutes with job offers.  I landed a good job with a reputable company near Seoul.  The next year, I taught on an island off the southern tip called Jeju.  It was great there.  The beaches were beautiful and there were loads of museums and parks and other tourist attractions.  Right now, I at a public middle-school in Daejeon.  I'm not sure if I'm coming back to Korea after this year.  

Well, that's gonna be all for now.  Next time, I'll tell ya what this blog is all about.  See ya soon.

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