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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Few Words about Key Words

SEO for beginners

Key words are the key (*slap!*  OW!) to good on-page SEO.  You need good key words to unlock ("Safety's off."  "Okay, I'll stop!") your site's potential.  Key words are the words you type into a search engine to find what you want.  You need to think about what words people would type into a search engine to find your site.

Now, the problem is, a LOT of people are trying to use some of the same key words.  For example, if you type in "porn" or "adult entertainment" you'd get millions of search results.  You'd get thousands just for typing in "coffee" or "paper-clips".  The trick is to be more specific.  Go for a key word phrase.  That's a phrase, mind you; not a whole sentence.  You want more than one word, but not 10.  3 to 5 should do it if you choose them carefully.  For example, if you google "coffee porn" or "adult paper-clips", you're probably not going to get that many results; maybe a few hundred. 

You need to do something called "key-word research".  Fortunately, there're lots and lots of online tools and downloadable programs you can use to do this.  Google has its own key-word research tool.  I wanna say I got the following formula from the guys at "Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing", but I'm not sure where I heard or read it, really.  You start with a broad, general key word; the main word your site is about.  Type that into your key word research tool and see what you get.  The tool should tell you how many times people have searched for that one word and other related words and phrases over the past month or year or whatever.  It should also give you an idea of how many people are competing to use that word.  Now you need to get more specific.  You need to select a ketword phrase with 500 to 2000 exact global searches; people searching for that exact phrase.  Let's say your key word is "underwear".  Next, you might try "mens underwear".  Then you might go for "mens fart-proof underwear".  Finally, let's say you live in Dallas, so you could go for "Dallas mens fart-proof underwear."  By now, you shouldn't have a lot of competition for a phrase like that.  You probably won't have that many searches for it either, but you'll know there's a relatively small group of men in Dallas who're interested in buying fart-proof underwear.  This should make you happy, assuming you sell that sort of thing.  Once you've got your key words/key word phrases, you should write an article that uses some of those words or phrases in the title, the meta-description, the URL, and the body of the article.

That's the gist of it, anyway.  Find yourself a good keyword research tool, start with a broad word related to your business and then narrow it down by adding other words and exploring alternatives until you find a phrase that doesn't have a ton of competition.

This next part I KNOW I got from the guys at "Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing".  It's about the different kinds of searches you can do with the Google Adsense Keyword Tool.  (Google Adsense, by the way, is a way to monotize your site and start bringing some money in.  Basically, Google will put affiliate ads on your site and, if anyone buys anything from them, you get a little money.)  Anyway, the first kind of search you can do is a Broad Match.  For example, if you do a broad match search for Butt Plugs, it will find every instance of someone doing a search with the word "butt" and "plugs" with any number of words before, after, or in between, so you'll get search results like "What what in the butt", "Best butt exercises", and "The Butt Blog" (Yes, that's a real one) and you'll get results like "Jewelry plugs", "Hair plugs", and "Electrical plugs".

Next, there's the Phrase Match.  This is where you put your phrase in quote marks like so: "butt plugs".  When you do that, you'll get results with those two words together, but still with other words before and after; just none in between.  You'll get results like "Big Bob's Butt Plug Emporium", ""Butt Plugs not recommended by proctologists",   and "Free butt plug videos".

Finally, there's the Exact Match.  This is when you put you phrase in (brackets).  When you do that, the results you get will tell you how many times people have searched for those two word together and nothing else.

Next, I'll tell you what I know about using those precious, precious key words for on-page SEO.  By the way, Don't be afraid to share what you know with me.  Again, the idea here isn't so much for me to teach you - I'm no expert at this - it's for all of us to study this stuff together, like a study group.  I do this because teaching others what you know is a good way to help yourself remember it.

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